Our progress and evolution as we grow into our own skin

Having some fun with out half sized MEGA bath bombs. Let the imagination run wild

Whipped Mango Cream. This is a ALL purpose cream for hair, body and soul.

Whipped Lavender-Rose scrub. Picture one.

All our order come with handwritten thank you notes. We are more than grateful for every sale.

Our new business card with credit card design

New products. Our cupcake style bath bomb. Looks soo yummy

Shipping ointment another order. Thank God for his blessings

Cupcake style bathbombs assortment

Making out all natural and organic gel

Ladylekan testing out our charcoal scrub. She gets so excited and makes every product for herself as well. Too cute to watch

Shipping out again. Thank you all and God for his blessings

Our new MEGA bath bomb in comparison to the regular one

From our heart to yours. We love you all

Getting this order ready for a hand delivery

Shipping out.

All our customers get surprises 8n their orders. Added bath bombs to this one.

Nothing like getting 4 bath bombs to go with your order al for FREE. WE AIM TO OVER-PLEASE

Shipping out some orders

Strawberry mango bathbombs

Check out them curls, our conditioners are the biznit

Dry skin kryptonite

Bukola body spray. Combination of coconut, almond, grapefruit

Combination specials

Curls on point

Curls out

Hair growth product


Curl action

Happy customer using her vanilla chai scrub

Made with authentic coconut oil

Rose milk bath soak

Check out how that water looks

On our way to deliver products

Getting ready to ship out

More samples to ship out

Def shipped out lots of samples

Yup, we got gift bags

Lavender rose bath bomb. Favorite pic of mine

Making of rose scrubs

Assortment of bath bombs

Assortment of bath bombs

Hungry anyone?

Blueberry lavender cupcakes

Vanilla rose beauty bath bombs

Making a bath bomb

Us, loving ourselves. I love my wife with my whole being of existence.

Our First T shirt made.

Super excited when we got our logo

We’re creating new waves. Creating our own path

Having fun with the logo

Legal imprint