Skin and Hair care through organic and and natural aromatherapy 

FROM 9/16/17 - 10/16/17 

B.E by Ladylekan is a home based company that focuses on skin and Hair care through the use of all natural, organic and aromatherapeutic products. We started this company as a result of my wife looking for alternative and healthier ways to deal with stress and depression. Through her research, What she found out was the benefits of essential oils when in combination with other natural ingredients produces a great way to relax, nourish and heal the body without chemical intoxication. All are products are natural, organic and chemical free. We have thoroughly researched each essential oil and ingredients and what the mixture of each can do for your skin and body. We firmly believe that aromatherapy is a way the mind can ease its pains without the intake of harmful chemicals into the body.
The use of Natural and organic ingredients guarantee the full benefits of nature. We only use certified organic products and firmly believe in no short cuts in creating great quality. 
Our motto is to always please our business partners no matter the cost. We guarantee to put a smile on your face and gentleness to your skin and Hair.
We ask that you join us on this journey as we hope to bring the joy of organic and natural skin and Hair care to the whole world. 
Our products make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, baby showers, Christmas. Or if you just want to pamper your skin. 
We also make bulk orders for bridal shower gift sets or any gift set in any combination of fragrance you desire.
We offer free shipping or delivery on all N.J orders. Just contact us before ordering for discount code. 
Thank you for your support. 

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